Since our founding in 1930, to this day, we have been consistently offering die/mold materials to customers and dealers.
As a Hagane (steel) wholesaler, we were happy to be given an opportunity to undergo its unique development, and to obtain a reputation of trust from the industry.
Our achievement is solely due to the dealer and partners’ trust, patronage and gift of guidance, which we deeply appreciate.
The reason various industrial products from our country have obtained a world class reputation for quality is because of the accompanying sophistication and precision of the die/molds.
In order for us to meet everyone's increasingly diversifying needs, the company unites as one with our slogan “Takeuchi Hagane, the company that sells technology”.
We humbly thank you for your continued patronage.


President Seiji Takeuchi

Guidance of business

Since its founding in 1930, and for more than 80 years, the company has been consistently supplying die and mold materials to meet the needs of customers and dealers.
In the late 1945 (late showa 20's), when we were still a dealer of Japan Special Steel Co.Ltd, we were favorably called “Takeuchi of EO”, because we spread the good old traditional brand called “EO110 (SKS2)" to the world.
In the beginning of the 1950s when SKD1 was still an important post in the cold die steel, we recommended NR1 (SKD11) to the public for its hardness and workability, and also to switch to a general-purpose die steel (from SD1 to the SKD11).
In mid 1970's, after we were taken over as an agent of Dido Steel Co.,Ltd, the “Takeuchi Hagane” die steel business became more extensive. We continued selling our flagship products from the traditional SK, SKS, SKD product lines.
As we, “Takeuchi Hagane”, hold inventories full of various materials and sizes while encompassing information on many steel dies, we ask you to keep utilizing us as your ongoing “consultant of the die material”.