Inventory sales of tool & die material manufactured by DAIDO STEEL
YK30(SKS93) Oil-quenched high carbon tool steel instead of the traditional tool steel SK3
GOA(SKS3) The traditional cold work tool steel offering the highest versatility
GO4 The special cold work tool steel quenched by air-cooling for precision dies and moulds with excellent machinability.
GO5 Flame hardening tool steel showing the better wear resistance compaired with SKS series.
GO40F Pre-hardened tool steel with hardness of HRC40, economically used without heat treatment.
DC11(SKD11) General use cold work die steel for high wear resistance, equivalent to AISI D2.
DC53 Cold work die steel which can meet today's market demands achieves high hardness and good toughness by tempering in high temperature.
DCMX New matrix type, cold work die steel with good machinability and heattreatment distortion contributes to cost reduction of manufacturing dies and moulds, and improvement of those life.
DHA1(SKD61) General purpose hot work die steel that is stable for strength, toughness in high temperature and thermal shock resistance
DRM1,2,3 Matrix type high speed tool steel with both high hardness and toughness, that are manufactured by electro-slag remelting process.
Basic material for components of die and tool
SS400 Comventional gas cutting, NC gas cutting and eye tracer enables various shape cutting
S50C Steel Plate Products of various shape and size are made by gas cutting, saw cutting and machining. “Star” die & tool component

Die plate, J block, Die set, Post unit, Die spring
Star die materials and supplies Die plate, J block, die set, post unit, DAI Spring
Characteristic Die Material by Special Steel Manufacturers
SX105V Flame hardening steel manufactured by Aichi Steel having better wear resistance and toughness than SKS3.
KD12 Electro-slag remelted SKD12 by Nippon Koshuha Steel assures small heat treatment distortion and is suitable for high precision dies and moulds.
OM alloy Copper based alloy by Osaka Alloying Works, possess both high wear resistance and lubricity.
DURO series High performance tool steel by Nachi-Fujikoshi for cold, hot-cold and hot work dies and moulds

DURO-F1, F3, F7, DURO-SP, V2, V5, DURO-N1
Machining Service(Our Machining Equipment)
Milling Machines, Plano Millers, CNC Machining Centers, Grinding Machins, CNC Lathes, Driling Machines, etc.
Product Description
DCMX (DC-matrix)
Matrix type cold die tool steel

Compared with existing cold work die steel, DCMX is excellent in machinability,

Small heat treatment distortion, high toughness,wear resistance and hardenability.
Development background
There is an increase of physical stress and load on the dies and moulds in cold press forming, while cost reductions and quick delivery continues to be in demand.

This creates a need to find materials that will support both good manufacturability and high performance of dies and tools.

DCMX is a new Matrix type Cold Work Die Steel, which fully utilizes Carbide control technology in today’s highly reviewed “Matrix type high speed tool steel, DRM series”which was launched in the fall of 2004.
“Matrix type Cold Work Die Steel” to contribute to the die longevity and improve the ease of dies and mould making.
Characteristics Compared to JIS SKD11
Manufacturability of die and tool Isotropy Excellent(more than 50% Improvement)
Machinability Excellent(more than 9 times)
Tool & Die Performance Max.Hardness Excellent(62HRC=>SKD11=60HRC)
Toughness Excellent(more than double)
Use and Effects
Use Advantage Point
PressForming Die for High Tensile steel Enhanced longevity Reduce die gnawing with high hardness
Large Scale Press Forming Die Curtailed lead time in die making Deducted heat treatment distortion as a result of isotropy
Cutting Edge & Trimming Punch Enhanced longevity High toughness contribute to prevent cracking and chipping
Product Name
DCMX : Daido’s Cold work die steel MatriX type
Generic name : DC Matrix