Product description

DCMX (DC-matrix)
Matrix type die steel
Compared to existing materials, DCMX is excellent in free machining, high toughness, wear resistance and hardenability.

Developmental background

There is an increase of physical stress and load on molds for dies in cold pressing and forging, while cost reductions and quick delivery continues to be in demand. This creates a need to find materials that will support both steel stamp manufacturability and mold and die performance. DCMX is a new Matrix type Cold Work Die Steel, which fully utilizes Carbide control technology in today’s highly reviewed “Matrix high speed steel (Dream) series”, which was launched in the fall of 2004.

  Brand name Characteristic Application Brochure
Carbon Tool Steel YK30 AISI O2 mod. Gauge, Jig & Tool  
Razor blade  
Die for cold press  
Special Tool Steel GOA AISI O1 mod Gauge,Shear blade  
Die for cold press  
GO4 Air hardening Steel Precision mold  
Die for cold pres  
GO5 Flame hardening Steel Blanking, Piercing & Trimming die  
GO40F Pre-hardened steel (40HRC) Die plate  
Easy machining Short run die  
Cold Work Die Steel DC53 8Cr-2Mo type Punch & die for high strength steel PDF: DC53
High hardness & toughness Threading die
DCMX Matrix type Cold Work Die Steel Piercing punch & trim die for high strength steel PDF: DCMX
High toughness, easy machining & small dimensional change
DC11 AISI D2 (1.2379) Die & Punch for cold press  
General-purpose Steel
Matrix type DRM1 High toughness Die & punch for hot & warm forging PDF: DRM1
Maximum hardness 58HRC
DRM2 High hardness & toughness Die & punch for warm & cold forging PDF: DRM2
Maximum hardness 62HRC
DRM3 High hardenability Die & punch for cold forging PDF: DRM3
Maximum hardness 66HRC